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New and Expectant Parent Support Group

The New and Expectant Parent Support Group is a member-facilitated club forum where members can ask questions and share concerns relating to expecting and handling infant twins, and meet others who also know the joys and challenges of parenting multiples. Partners, friends and pre-crawling infants are welcome. We offer two forums for your convenience: one in the daytime and one in the evenings (details).

Loaner Closets from Preemie to Preschooler (and Beyond!)

 Twins by the Bay has several loaner programs dedicated to serving the changing needs of a growing family. There are over 200 lightly used items -- from exersaucers to costumes -- especially helpful the first year!
  • Infant Loaner Closet (toys, equipment)
  • Preemie Closet (preemie clothes)
  • Costume Closet (costumes for Halloween or other dress-up events)
  • Travel Closet (helpful items when you're traveling with multiples)
  • Snow Closet (for those snow clothes you only need once a year)
lobster costume

Information Sharing

Life with multiples can be hectic. Take advantage of our website, with a database of frequently asked questions and our many forums, available on the web (with search!) and/or via email. On the forums members share ideas and discuss challenges on topics such as:
  • breastfeeding multiples,
  • nanny recommendations,
  • how to help your teachers differentiate your identical twins,
  • and when to get your teenage children a cell phone!
Additionally you'll receive the bimonthly Multiples of America newsletter in the mail, a treasure trove of informative articles and adorable pictures of multiples.

Annual Consignment Sale

Need some stuff? Clothes! Shoes! Toys! Car Seats! Swings! High Chairs! Gates! Strollers! And more... Twins by the Bay hosts an annual consignment sale -- open to the public -- where members get first dibs. The TBB sale is held in early June. Members can buy and sell their maternity and children's clothes, toys and equipment.

Quarterly Guest Speakers

Twins by the Bay hosts quarterly guest speakers from experts in fields like child development, parenting and childcare.  These events are open to members and their guests.  For more details on upcoming events, please see our event calendar.

Sunshine Program

Currently suspended as we work to restructure our club offerings.

The Sunshine Program is a club meal delivery outreach to parents with newborns, bed resting moms, families with ill or hospitalized children or anyone who simply needs a cheerful and understanding person to listen. New volunteers are always welcome. As a member to request a meal, just let us know what your needs are and we'll match you with a volunteer!

Great People!

Participate in social events -- including zoo trips, Fairyland outings, potlucks and more -- where you will have the opportunity to share with other members who understand the challenges and joys of parenting multiples.

You Name It!

Seriously. This is a club run by and for its members. We want to continuously evolve to meet the needs of families of multiples in the East Bay. Have an idea? Is there something you want from the club that we're not currently offering? Let us know. Send a note to the club president.

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