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About The Club


Twins by the Bay is a non-profit support group for parents of multiples in Oakland, Berkeley and the surrounding area. Its mission is to educate, support and assist parents in the raising of multiple-birth children.


Member benefits include a Preemie Closet, the use of loaner equipment and costumes, the New and Expectant Parent Support Group, newsletter, national and regional club membership, information sharing and much more. See member benefits for details.

The Board of Directors of Twins by the Bay are all twin parents and are all volunteers.  


Susie Robertson's Vision


Twins by the Bay, often referred to as TBB, was founded in 1998 by Susie Robertson. Susie saw an unmet need for support of parents of multiples in the Oakland and Berkeley areas of the East Bay. As a mother of twins and an identical twin herself, Susie wanted advice, commiseration and a network of people who could support one another through the challenges of raising multiples.


None of this existed at the time, so she opted to set up a non-profit organization that would serve the needs of parents who received—just as Susie had—the astounding news, "Congratulations, you're having twins!"


Susie worked tirelessly as president and founder of TBB to create a very special organization—one which would bring people together on a volunteer basis to serve one another and to share the joy, fun and stress of parenting multiples.


Twins by the Bay has grown over the years into a strong, supportive organization (over 500 members since its inception) that offers great benefits—including the New and Expectant Parent Support Group meetings, the Loaner Library program, and the online listservs. None of this would have been possible without the contribution of Susie and other volunteer board members and, of course, each wonderful member family.


In early 2006, Susie was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Susie continued to champion Twins by the Bay while raising her family and battling this illness. On May 5, 2007, the club lost an irreplacable member. We would like to dedicate this site and the spirit of community it reflects to the indomitable spirit of Susie Robertson.


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