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New and Expectant Parents of Multiples:

Twins by the Bay offers two invaluable support groups for new and expectant parents of multiples. The daytime
New and Expectant Parent Support Group (NAEPSG) meets two morning each month at Bananas in Oakland.  The evening group meets once a month, also at Bananas.


The daytime group meets more frequently and tends to be larger (often 4-8 families). The evening group, designed for parents who work in the daytime, is more intimate. Both groups are facilitated by club volunteers, themselves parents of multiples. Pre-crawling infants are welcome.


At any given meeting, various issues regarding expecting and handling multiple infants might be discussed—
  • How do parents with multiples manage to find sleep?
  • What kind of help is available for new parents and how do you find leads?
  • How do you breastfeed multiples? Do you need to pump to supplement? What about formula?
  • How you will meet the emotional needs of both/all of your newborns?
  • How do families make space for multiple babies?
  • What equipment is essential?
  • Cloth or paper?
  • Side-by-side or front to back strollers?
  • How do I meet other parents with same-age kids and start a playgroup?


    These are just a few of the many issues new and expectant parents face. Research shows that new parents with good support systems are better able to handle the challenges that come with parenting, especially when there is more than one new baby to love and nurture.



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